Wall Repairs

Not all projects are exciting, but they are still necessary. In the last year we discovered not ONE, but TWO holes in our brick walls.

Due to what we felt was a necessity we have had the walls repaired and are still seeking funds via building grants and kind donations to make final payments.

A Tale of Wall #1

During a recent reorganization project we discovered a hole in our wall. At first not much was thought of it, but after further review we found it goes ALL THE WAY THROUGH to our neighbors over at the Active Aging Resource Center.

A Tale of Wall #2

Last winter while Christmas lights were being put up on the building a small hole was discovered on our external wall. Upon first look we all thought it was just a minor patch job and made plans to have it professionally fixed/sealed in the spring/summer.

However, as with most things, it was more than expected and as the damage was revealed we found that the damaged spanned more than 6 ft and went several layers of brick deep.

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